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GEI SynEnergy Harnessing The Power of Technology, Nature, Science & Man

About GEI

The CEO/Founder of GEI SynEnergyhas always been environmentally friendly and civic-minded, wholeheartedly determined to make “The American Dream” a reality.

Chemical Products

Our chemicals are used as key ingredients in the manufacture and production of products that are used globally by citizens around the world.

Coal Export

It is our goal to deliver a high quality product and service to our business partners. Whether you require a CIF or FOB. We are proud to be able ro offer you CIF or FOB supply of our quality coal products.

X Factor R&D

It is critical that we locally and as a nation are successful in the R & D arena to ensure Gillette and Wyoming as a whole has the ability to ensure a stable economy and to create a solid foundation for future generations to build upon.